Kettles somehow make getting arrested about as exciting as waiting in line at the DMV. Over the course of hours, police take a unified crowd, moving with purpose, and transform it into a collection of nervous individuals, waiting to be individually processed. When police kettle a march it goes from…

National news outlets want the sexy police-state footage that street-level journalists risk their lives to obtain.

But they don’t want the context, and they don’t want to pay.

One night last week, during one of the smaller demonstrations, a tall white man in a clean ballistic helmet and brand-new plate carrier emblazoned with “PRESS” strolled through the crowd in front of the Hatfield Federal Courthouse in Portland, Oregon. He stopped by a gaggle of other journalists, most out-of-towners…

Federal Marshals in front of the Portland Federal courthouse building

Since federal LEOs were out in force last night, and repeatedly bull-rushed protesters with no warning, while armed with m-4 carbines, here’s a breakdown of legal grounds for these actions. Bad news is the answers are in this thing also known as Executive Order 13933:

Protecting American Monuments, Memorials, and…

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